"F0402G0R12FNTR" datasheet in pdf format for download.

F0402G0R12FNTR AVX Corporation photo
Part Number F0402G0R12FNTR
Manufacturer AVX Corporation
Price (USD) US $0.32 / piece
Circuit Description FUSE BOARD MNT 125MA 32VDC 0402
Datasheet F0402G0R12FNTR datasheet in PDF format for download
PDF Comment Accu-Guard® II

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F0402G0R12FNTR AVX Corporation FUSE BOARD MNT 125MA 32VDC 0402Accu-Guard® II F0402G0R12FNTR datasheet in PDF format for download F0402G0R12FNTR AVX Corporation photo Accu-Guard® II
F0402G0R12FNTRAVX CorporationFUSE BOARD MNT 125MA 32VDC 0402
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