"A1313AN-0001GGH=P3" datasheet in pdf format for download.

#A1313AN-0001GGH=P3 Murata Electronics North America photo
Part Number #A1313AN-0001GGH=P3
Manufacturer Murata Electronics North America
Price (USD) US $0.85 / piece
Circuit Description VARIABLE INDUCTORS 11.4PF Q= 72
Datasheet #A1313AN-0001GGH=P3 datasheet in PDF format for download
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#A1313AN-0001GGH=P3 Murata Electronics North America VARIABLE INDUCTORS 11.4PF Q= 72- #A1313AN-0001GGH=P3 datasheet in PDF format for download #A1313AN-0001GGH=P3 Murata Electronics North America photo -
#A1313AN-0001GGH=P3Murata Electronics North AmericaVARIABLE INDUCTORS 11.4PF Q= 72
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